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Class of 1959 60 Year Reunion

The class of 1959 celebrated their 60th Class Graduation by attending the MCHS Alumni Picnic on Sat. June 15th, 2019, followed by dinner at the Miner’s Inn that evening. For additional information contact Joyce Westfall-Dealy at 559-999-0941.


Class of 1969 50 Year Reunion

The class of 1969 enjoyed a fun 50 year reunion Friday and Saturday June 7th and 8th, 2019,  in Mariposa. Friday evening was a meet & greet at the Parks & Rec. Several activities followed on Saturday, culminating with visiting, dinner and a short program at the Strathearn Pavilion at the fairgrounds in the late afternoon and evening. For more information contact Shirley Bryant Orme  ( (208-351-7123).


Class Reunion 1970 through 1975

The Class of 1973 sponsored a reunion for all classmates from 1970 through 1975, Saturday, August 30 from 4 to 10 p.m. at the Fairgrounds.


Class of 1963 60 Year Reunion

The class of 1963 will be celebrating their 60 year reunion on June 17, 2023. They have asked the classes of 1962 and 1964 to join them for their celebration. They will be in attendance at the picnic and later at the Mariposa Park for dinner.


Class of 1963 50 Year Reunion

The Class of 1963 held their 50 year reunion June 15th, 2013 at the Miners Roadhouse Inn (the old Miners Inn), and the 55 year reunion there again in June 2018. 


Class of 1966 50 Year Reunion

The Class of 1966 had a successful 50 year reunion June 17 and 18, 2016. This link takes you to the advance flier and is linked here as a historical reference..

Class of 1966 45 Year Reunion

The class of 1966 had their 45th class reunion on Saturday, September 24th, 2011, at the Miner's Inn in Mariposa. For information contact:

Larry Ellison: 209-966-3859, or P.O. Box 648, Mariposa, CA 95338 
Susan Merrill-Sowards-Crandall: or P.O. Box 105 Midpines, CA 95345 
Connie McNally-Morris: or 209-628-0804 
Jon Turner: 209-966-3715


Class of 1967 50 Year Reunion

The class of 1967 celebrated their 50-year reunion on Saturday, September 2 at the Tolly Gorham home on Wilber's Way in Mariposa.

In addition to the Class of '67, classmates from '66 and '68 (and any others that want to crash the party!) were invited.

For information contact either Tolley ( or 209-777-8438) or Craig Mullis ( or 408-896-8748).


Class of 1968 50 Year Reunion

The class of 1968 had a 50 year reunion on Sunday September 2, 2018 at the home of Dana Walton. Classes of 1967 and 1969 were also invited. For more info contact Dana Walton 209-742-7993 or

Class of 1976 35 Year Reunion

The MCHS Class of 1976 had their 35th reunion on October 1, 2011 at the Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp. Members of the classes of 1974, 1975 and 1977 were also invited. For more information, visit the class website at; See photos on Facebook


Class of 1990 20 Year Reunion

The class of 1990 held their 20-year reunion on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at Chukchansi Gold Casino near Coarsegold. For more information, contact Kim Van Meter at 209-604-3212. Facebook page


Class of 1999 10 Year Reunion

The Class of held a ten year reunion Saturday, September 5, 2009. For more information, visit the web site.


Class of 1980 30 Year Reunion

The Mariposa County High class of 1980 celebrated their 30th reunion June 13th and 14th 2010. For information call Michael Standen at 209-966-8409.


Class of 1988 Reunion Planning

The class of 1988 is looking for class members. Contact John Prelip at or visit


Class of 1989 20 Year Reunion

The class of 1989 20 year reunion was held July 18th, 2009 at Chukchansi Casino near Coarsegold. For further information on class activities, contact Heather Ritter at or by phone 559-270-0622.


Class of 1958 60 Year Reunion

Wow 60 years already! 

Our 60 year reunion was held Saturday June 16, 2018. Activities included: 

The Annual Mariposa High School Alumni Picnic at the Fairgrounds. 

Dinner at Steve’s Sportsman Cafe, 3441 Woodland Dr. Mariposa.

Gary Williams again hosted a Sunday Brunch at his home on Sunday June 17.

For more information, please contact one of the following: Mike Abbott (925) 997-7446, email; Heidi Radanovich (209) 966-2101; or Gary Williams (209) 966-2331.


Class of 1958 50 Year Reunion

The class of 1958 50 Year Reunion was held June 21, 2008. Those who registered but cancelled missed a fantastic event. For information, contact Mary Wass Williams, 209 966 3864; Gary Williams, 209 966 2331; or Heidi Sicher Radanovich, 209 966 2101.


Class of 1997 10 Year Reunion 

The Class of 1997 held their 10 year reunion on Sunday September 2nd 2007.

For more information please contact or Angie Luz (707) 337-4662!

Click here for a class photo.


Class of 1957 60 Year Reunion

Our 60-year reunion dinner was held on Friday, June 16, 2017 at 5 p.m., at the River Rock Inn & Café, on 7th Street between Highway 140 and Bullion Street.

Fifteen classmates and assorted spouses attended. We enjoyed a great catered dinner and good conversation with old friends, some we hadn't seen in decades. 

Here's a photo of the group; more photos at

Class of 1957 55 Year Reunion

We had  a "low-key" but delightful 55-year reunion June 16, 2012, at the home of Ed and Debbie Davis. They very graciously provided barbecued ribs, burgers and hot dogs. Approximately 30 class members and guests drove up the hill from "downtown Midpines" and enjoyed cool shade, a great view, and the company of old friends.

Class of 1957 May 2013 Newsletter

Class of 1957 50 Year Reunion

The reunion was absolutely fantastic! We started with an unplanned gathering of a few folks at the Pizza Factory Friday night. At the same time, most of the old gang from Yosemite was having their own informal dinner.

On Saturday morning, we toured the halls of 'Posy High. We were interested to learn that graduations don't fit in the auditorium anymore; they're held at the Gold Bowl (fairgrounds arena). We had a good time looking at the photos of classes hanging in the hall. Since our time, the school has put up photos of every class. Of course, the recent classes have so many people, the photos are too small to see.

A large part of our group made it to the annual Alumni Picnic at the fairgrounds, where we were able to reconnect with many people from other classes.

The evening event was everything we hoped for and comments were 100% positive. We had located 56 classmates, and 46 of them attended, along with spouses or other guests, for a total of 75 people. We probably had 80 to 90 people who were part of our class during the four years, but only 37 actually made it to graduation (most graduated somewhere else). Of that 37, 27 of them were with us. 

Folks who stayed at the Best Western had a chance to enjoy the free continental breakfast together, and several of us had a very early breakfast at the Miner's Inn.

The Reunion Committee had more fun than anyone, working on this project for almost two years, and we think we'll be up to doing another one in five years.

We have photos and more information on a special 1957 Reunion page.

An essay about our elementary schools that was included in One More Sluice in 2007 has been expanded and uploaded as a separate page with photos.


Class of 1962 60 Year Reunion

The class of 1962 celebrated its 60th Reunion on June 18th, 2022 at Miners Roadhouse. Classmates from the class of 1963 were invited to join them. For more info contact Trent Williams 209 966-2250 (work); 966 2508 (home); 848 2766 (cell); Barb Schouton 209-96-5905 or Oralee Phillips 209 966-2740.


Class of 1962 55 Year Dinner

Mariposa County High School class of 1962 gathered together Saturday night, June 17 at the Road House (formerly Miner's Inn) in Mariposa. The get together lasted till no one could last any longer, and was open to all former MCHS students.


Class of 1962 52 Year Reunion

With Mariposa County High School observing its 100th year, the Class of 1962 had a 52-year reunion at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 21, at the Trent Williams home.

Click here for full details.


Class of 1962 50 Year Reunion

(Click here for a page of photos from the reunion)

June 16 & 17, 2012 the Class of 1962 had their 50 year class Reunion. The hot hot weather did not stop classmates from attending the All Class Reunion held at the Fairgrounds Saturday. We were able to reunite with many different classes and rekindle the good old days.

Saturday evening at 6 o'clock our 50 year class reunion was held at the lovely home of Frankie & Linda Williams. Surrounded with our school colors of green and gold and a beautiful yard and home, fun was had by all.

38 alumni, spouses and friends attended. Jena Marshall (and her servers) catered our dinner. Jena outdid herself.

Jim Croll created the fliers, invitations and memorabilia for each class mate. Jim & Betsy (McNally) Croll, Barbara (Smith) Schouten and Trent Williams were the committee members.

Those who attended were: Trent Williams, Frankie & Linda Williams, Barbara (Smith) Schouten, Jim & Betsy (McNally) Croll, Bobby & Artie Ball, Terry Bird, Dennis Bunning, Kirk & Jeanne Crum , Carol (Dewhurst) Martin and Mike Tanner, Sandy & Bill (Foley) Sommers, Joanne (Johnson) Warnes and friend, Richard & Sallee Lang, Tim & Sandi Meagher, Gary & Denise Preston, Clair & Darlene Peterson, Doug & Diane (Phillips) Kanarowski, Nancy (Remington) Billings, Richard & Pat (Stoel) Hill and grandson, John & Rosie Upton, Len and Marva (Worley) McWilliams, Ralph & Pat (Kirk) Wass.

Those who came the longest distance were Bobby & Artie Ball from Neosho MO, Kirk & Jeanne Crum from Idaho followed by Len & Marva (Worley) McWilliams.

We missed those who were not able to attend: Rick Ponte, John Shimer, Terry Steeley, Lonnie Joe Cook, Mary Jane Scroggins, Jimmy Rust, Joe Erlie, Bruce Fladmark and Roxie Sheverland.

Our precious Room Mother Pearl Williams at the age of 95 was unable to attend but her heart was with us all.

Sunday most everyone went to the Miners Inn for a wonderful brunch.

We have great pictures, video and memories that will be in our hearts forever.

--Betsy McNally Croll

Click here for the 2012 "class photo." (If that photo does not load properly, try this smaller version.)


Class of 1962 45 Year Reunion

The class of '62 had a 45th Class Reunion in 2007. It was held at Doug & Diane (Phillips) Kanarowski's beautiful home and gardens. Everyone walked the gardens, talked of old times at Posy High and caught  up on the present, with pictures of children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Dinner was delicious with tri tip, home made beans, potato salad, tossed salad, rolls and berry cobbler with ice cream. Sure can not beat home cooking!

Sunday morning at 10 o'clock we all went to Sheila (Bell) Tarvin's for brunch. Again we all had the pleasure of walking her garden. It is out of this world. She served a brunch we will never forget. Home made cinnamon rolls that her nephew Robert made, egg casserole, fresh fruit, and waffles topped with champagne. She outdid herself!

We had 38 who graduated in 1962, 6 are deceased, 32 of us are left. Half of our class were able to attend. Trent Williams, Sheila (Bell) Tarvin, Barbara (Smith) & Dick Schouten, Diane (Phillips) & Doug Kanarowski, Betsy (McNally) & Jim Croll, Bobby & Artie Ball, Terry Anne, Gary & Denise Preston, Marva (Worley) & Len McWilliams, Pat (Kirk) & Ralph Wass, Joanne (Johnson) & Dale Warnes, Nancy (Remington) Billings, Richard & Sallee Lang, Carol (Dewhurst) & Marty Martian, Dennis & Diane Bunning, Bruce Orcutt, John & Roxie Upton and at the young age of 90, our dear Room Mother, Pearl Williams.

Bobby & Artie Ball came the longest distance, from Neosho, Missouri followed by Marva & Len McWilliams, from Reno, NV and John & Roxie Upton, from South Lake Tahoe.

Dean & Donna Savage, Oralee (Hull) & Mike Phillips, Christine (Kalp) Gonzales, Chancy (Orcutt) McDonald and Pam (Honea) Little were our guests.

Click here to see photos on the Alumni Gallery page.

--Betsy McNally Croll

Class of 1992 20 Year Reunion

The MCHS class of 1992, had their 20 Year Reunion on Sunday, September 2, 2012, at the Mariposa Park Pavilion Area. Please contact Brandie Peck Roach or Stephanie Mathis Hibbits at for more information.


MCHS Centennial Celebration

The Mariposa County High School Centennial Celebration October 24 and 25 was a huge success.

It started with the Junior Varsity football team hosting Gustine at the fairgrounds, with the Redskins taking a 21-0 win.

Next former students who were present lined up to march on to the field, divided by decade. The procession was led by the MCHS band, followed by a collection of vintage and antique autos. Leading this section was a Model T Ford dating from the school's first year, 1914.

There were several hundred Grizzly alumni representing classes from the 1940s to the 2000s. The event was filmed for broadcast on KFSN, Channel 30 in Fresno.

The evening concluded with the varsity game, and it was an exciting contest. In the end a late 4th quarter fumble recovery gave the Grizzlies the win 22-19, maintaining their unbeaten status in league play.

Outside the grandstand, MCHS Centennial T-shirts were available. Look for pictures of the shirt and other centennial photos on the Alumni Association photo gallery page.

On Saturday the school opened its doors to the public from 9 to 3. A table in the hallway displayed most of the yearbooks in the school's history. Classrooms contained photos and memorabilia from the 1930s forward, divided into sections by decade.

Out front, Cindy Fiester Photography took group photos of alumni from each decade, offering copies at a very reasonable $8 each. We sat on the stone bleachers that were part of the original WPA construction project, triggering memories of pep rallies and baseball games observed from that location.

Saturday evening more than 350 people attended a dinner-dance at the fairgrounds to conclude the formal events of the celebration.

There's a Facebook post, which appears on both the Alumni Facebook page and the You Know You're from Mariposa page on which those attending can list the names of their class members who participated in Friday's march.

So far we have the following: 

1969: Robin Rader Amos, Rich Ortiz, Linda Palmer Brower, Judy Lundgren Bittick, Tom Allcock, Cindy Borley Stowell, Carol Stroming Tedrow.  

1962: Betsy McNally Croll, Trent Williams, Frank Williams, Carol Dewhurst, Gary Preston, Clair Peterson, Bill Foley, Ralph Wass.

1957: Lucy Tiffany Zimmerman, Bill Tucker, and Dick Estel.

1970: Jan Bullis, Lynn McDowell, Tony Brocchini, Lynn and Herb Brandauer, Bob Mason, Rocky Schlange, Kathie Mayes, Nancy and Nadine Preston.

1973: Anna M. Peck Herrera; Ray Thatcher; Cindy Kiely; Susie Lundgen

1994: Eva Mabon, Kristie Mitchell, Lundy Otwell Erickson, Amy Gibson, Brandy Green Frakes, Michael Thatcher, Anita Starchman Bryant, Kimberly Barnett.

1966: Larry Ellison, Ben Tedrow, Jon Turner, Doug O'Bannon, Jim Wass, Connie McNally-Morris, Susie Scott-Lewis, Susan Merrill-Crandall.


Class of 1955 60 Year Reunion

Our 60th reunion was a smashing success! We started Friday evening, June 19, 2015 , with a buffet dinner and get-acquainted evening at Janet Adams Whitla's ranch at Hornitos. Tom Phillips , local Mariposa historian, gave a slide show and talk about the 100 years of MCHS history.

On Saturday, June 20, we joined other classes for the annual all-alumni picnic at the Fairgrounds. On Saturday evening we had dinner at Charles Street Dinner House. You can imagine the visiting, memories, and laughter that was shared.

Some of us gathered for breakfast on Sunday morning. Then, a few drove up to Yosemite Valley for a picnic at the Yosemite Elementary picnic tables. That space was an island of calm midst the busy summer season.

All in all, we had 13 class members participate plus 3 from classes of '53 and '54. We were in touch with 15 more who couldn't come for various reasons. Not bad for a class that started with 39.

Thanks for your interest and thanks again for all you do for MCHS alumni.

--Peg (Meyer) Kortes


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