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Alma Mater, sung by MCHS Beginning Chorus, May 2007          Play          Instructions/Info

MCHS Alma Mater
(Click to play or download)

We sing to thee, our Alma Mater
Glory of the west
For thee our steps will never falter;
We will do our best.

The truest friends that we have known
Have learned within thy walls.
The seeds of knowledge have been sown
Within the minds of all.

So Mariposa, Mariposa,
We’ll be true forever;
Thy green and gold that leads us on
Shall guide us, fail us never.



The Alma Mater was written by Evelyn Thompson, class of 1948. There is some indication that the music was written by Kathy Winn, who graduated around the same time


Fight Song

It's Mariposa, it's Mariposa,
The pride of every mountaineer.
Come on you young ones, join with the olds ones
It's Mariposa now we cheer.

Now is the time boys to make a big noise
No matter what the people say.
For there is naught to fear; the gang's all here,
So hail to Mariposa, hail!



Alma Mater Instructions/Info: When you click on the Play link, the song should play. In our tests, it used Quicktime. If you do not have Quicktime, it should play with your default music player. If it does not, try downloading it to your PC, where you should be able to play it with any music player, including Microsoft's built-in Windows Media Player. To download, right click on the link, select "Save link as..." and save it to your hard drive.

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Updated August 28, 2017