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This page provides name lists for some of the photos on the Photo Gallery page that are too long for the space provided there. Just like the Gallery page, clicking on a photo will bring up a larger version. Some photos have EXTRA large versions available; the link for these will normally be in the photo caption. Some of these photos appear on How I Got to Mariposa 

1927 Freshmen     Group around car     1927 Baseball Team     Student Body 1927     Class from 1930     Class of '56 in 2005

Class of '57 in 2005     Class of '58 in 2008     Class of '57 in 2012     Class of '62 in 2012     Class of 1950 in 2000

Mariposa Elementary School photos     Class of 1969 45 year gathering     Class of 1952 at Centennial

Classes 1930s, 1940s, 1950ss     Classes of the 1960s     Class of 1955     Class of 1965          Class of 1969 50-Year Reunion

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1927 Freshman Class Group around car

1927 Freshmen: Front: James Boothe, Patricia Stout, Edith Elliott, Genevieve Marre, Mr. KcKensie, Marguerite Dexter, Dora Bunning, Tom Sovulewski; Back: Kenneth McNally, Unknown, Hendry Tribukait, Lloyd Frisbie, Edgar Austin, Harry Bruton, Wallace Fisk, Joe Sovulewski

1. Lawrence (Fuzzy) Green; 2. Unknown; 3. Roy Lally; 4. Winnie Williams; 5. Beryl Chamberlain; 6. Eileen Dwyer; 7. Unknown; 8. Helen Grace Cavagnaro; 9. Unknown; 10. Unknown; 11. Unknown; 12. Unknown; 13. Unknown; 14. Lucille Cavagnaro; 15. Russell Heapy (owner of car) (See a larger version of the numbered photo here)


1927 Student Body

1927 Student Body: The 1927 class and sports photos, as well as the student body picture above, were provided by Mary Branson-Spears and scanned by Susan Merrill Crandall. There are signs reading 1927 in the class and team pictures, but not in the big group photo. We received another copy of the student body photo from someone in Massachusetts, who said it was from 1932. However, some of the students signed the back of the picture, and some put their graduation year. The readable dates range from 1928 to 1931, so the 1932 date does not compute, and we're assuming it's from close to 1927.

1927 Student Body name list

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1927 Baseball team Class of '56 in 2005
1927 Baseball team: Front: Unknown, Jim Tresidder, Mr. McKensie, Kenneth Arndke, Warren (Soda) Bertkin; Back: Robert Castagnetto, Joe Sovulewski

Class of '56 in 2005: Back: Cap Smithers, Clinton “Snuffy” Butler, Bob Valeski , Elliot Bevel, Patrick James , Dick Wagner, Bucky Zimmerman, Jack Wass; Front: Charlene Bailey McNally, Sharon Warren, Ilene Michael, Evelyn Hibpshman, Janet Williams, Pat Bixler, Vanessa Tresidder

Class of '57 in 2005 Class of '58 in 2008

Class of '57 in 2005: Bev Williams, Dick Estel, Ed Davis, Ainslee McDonald,
Lee Nixon DeLaMare, Lois Bailey-Shafer, Bobby Curtis  

Class of '58 in 2008: Front: Gary Williams, Judy Raby Kirby, Barbara Kuntz, Doris Watson, Sheri Phillips Dewhurst, Mary Wass Williams; Back: Richard Albers, Carol Remington Binning, Dennis Haig, Heidi Sicher Radanovich, Donna Quist, Kenny Wass, Wes NcNally, Henry Sanchez (Gerry Davis Photo)

Class of '57 in 2012 Class of '62 in 2012

Class of '57 in 2012: (Front): Bryce Green, Ainslee McDonald, Gary Glodrey, Wayne Copeland, Ed Davis, Raymond Main, Dick Estel; (Back): Lucy Zimmerman, Linda Barnes Davis, Lois Bailey Shafer, Bev Van Gundy Bowman, Anne Brew, Dotty Pingiczer, Lee Nixon DeLaMare, Bev Williams, Bob Curtiss, Merle Bronson (Extra large photo)

Class of '62 in 2012: Front row, starting at left, Joanne (Johnson) Warnes, Carol (Dewhurst) Martin, Barbara (Smith) Schouten, Pat (Stoel) Hill, Pat (Kirk) Wass, Marva (Worley) McWilliams, Diane (Phillips) Kanaroskie, Terry Bird and Betsy (McNally) Croll. Back row starting from left, Kirk Crum, Bill (Foley) Sommers, Gary Preston, Richard Lang, Tim Meagher, Bobby Ball, Frankie Williams, Nancy (Remington) Billings, Clair Peterson, Ralph Wass and Trent Williams.


Class of '50 in 2000

Class of '50 in 2000: Barbara Trabucco (back to camera), Walter Koontz, Mary Tresidder Smally, Mernie Hogen Mari, Ruby Wass, Edie Peterson, Sterling Thompson, Jim Turner

Class from about 1930: Front: Gordon Greenamyer, Genevieve Marre, Lloyd Frisbie, Edith Elliott, Jack Bertkin, James Boothe; Back: Edgar Austin, Beatrice Alarid, Miss McCombs, Principal Bradford, Zella Jeffrey, Marguerite Dexter, Tom Sovulewski


An elementary school football game at the high school field. (L-R: Gail Rowe, Wally Hufford, Harry Hudson, Jack Meline, and Lloyd Cabezut) probably 1949

The "Blue Team" in front of the entrance (bottom row, L-R: Gail Rowe, Dean Curran, Bobby Main; top row, L-R: Howard Yanish, Bradley Zollars, and George Wilson. Rowe and Curran were 7th graders, Main a sixth grader. Those in the top row are eighth graders; 1950 or 1951


Front Row: Ronald Jones, George Stoughton, Robert Hudson, James Landy; Middle Row: Orval Rhoan, Unknown (Obscured, possibly Harry Hudson), John Tresidder, Malcolm Tresidder, Gary Rowe, Ed Matlock; Back Row: George Matlock, Jack Meline, Wally Hufford, Mrs. Ellingham, Clyde Scurlock, Unknown

Class of 1969 45 year gathering: L-R: Jackson Peterson, Craig Sonderman, Theresa Ernst Bond, Rich Ortiz, Judy Lundgren Bittick, Tom Allcock, Bill Reid, Linda Clark Kelly, Robin Rader Amos, Carolyn Robertson Higgins, Diane Seeley Ludwig, Lester Bridges, Cindy Borley Stowell, Dave Lehmann

Not in photo: Carol Stroming Tedrow, Mark Long, Dan Butler, Karen Lauritzen Barnett, Gayle Croft Wiebert, Sue Hoag


Class of 1952 at the Centennial Celebration: Back: Orval Rhoan ('53), Jim Landy ('53), Phil Robinson, Bill Wass, Stan Whitfield, Nelson Porath, Ray Warren; front: Skookie Gartin, Patricia Rhoan, Judy Brucker, Emma Evans, Joan Porath

Back Row: Roger Matlock, Jack Wass, ?, Dan Michael, ?, Evelyn Hibpshman Billings, Mary Wass Williams, ?, Forrest Wass

Middle Row: Lyle Turpin, Bryce Green, ?, Dick Estel, ?, Mike Abbot

Front Row: Joe Cabezut, Mernie Mari, Alberta Jeffery Garrett, Barbara Schatz Saye, ?, ?, Deana Cramer Abbot, Sally Abbot Uribe, Dalmar Campbell
(Please help us fill in the missing names)

1st Row (Bottom) ?, Sherry Wilcox-Gamble ('65), Susie Gordo (68), Chancelyn ‘Chancie’ Orcutt-McDonald (‘61), Susan Merrill-Sowards-Crandall (‘66), Marvin D. Merrill (‘61), Coach Vern Peters

2nd Row: Gerald ‘Jerry’ Preston (‘62), Oralee Hull-Phillips (‘63), William ‘Bill’ Boeck (‘63), Gerald Greenamyer (‘60 OR ‘61),  Alma Rhoan-Green ('60), William ‘Bill’ Fiske (‘60), ? and ?

3rd Row: Denise Seely ( ‘65), Terry Guenthart (‘67), Deborah Palmer (‘67), Janet Greeley-Peterson ('67), Lynda Holt (‘67), David Lehman (69), Clarence “Ben’ Tedrow (‘66), Carol Stroming-Tedrow (‘69) Cindy Borley-Stowell, Keith Stowell (‘66), Dianne Seely-Ludwig ('69)

4th Row: Karen Scott-Simmons ( ‘68), Sue Wass (‘69), Linda Palmer-Brower (‘69), Judge Dana Walton (‘68), Gayle Croft ('69), Craig Mullis (‘67), Tom Alcock (‘69), Judy Lungren (‘69), Robin Raider-Amos (‘69) (with sign) 

5th Row (Back): Connie McNally-Morris (‘66), Michele Minniear (‘67), ?, Judy Lindholm-Babcock (‘64), Nancy Garrett Warner (‘64), Sandra Richardson-Bunning (‘64), Walt Lewis (‘64), Susan Scott-Lewis ('66)
(Please help us fill in the missing names)
Class of 1955 at the fairgrounds Class of 1955 at Janet Whitla's
Class of 1955 60 year reunion at fairgrounds: Janet Adams Whitla, Charlie Castro,* Darla Jones Castro, Judie Hollingshead Hufford, Carol Baker Caywood, Peggy Meyers Kortes, Jim Caywood, Don Kortes,* Jean* and Hugh Parker, Anita Gammil Peterson, Mr. Peterson* Class of 1955 at Janet Whitla's: Jim and Carol Baker Caywood, Don* and Peggy Meyer Kortes, Gail and Mary Jordan Rowe, Hugh and Jean* Parker, Charlie* and Darla Jones Castro, Wally* and Judie Hollingshead Hufford, Francis* and Lenore Wolfson Samsen, Mr.* and Anita Gammil Peterson, Janet Adams Whitla, Gene Turner

*Not class members

Class of 1965 50-year reunion Class of 1956 60-year reunion
Class of 1965 50 year reunion: Margie DeLaMare Adams, Emmett Fiske, Denise Jones Preston, Barbara Worley Zielinski, Kenny Melton, Noel Hull Fraguglia, Carey Steven Greenamyer

Class of 1956 60 year reunion: Lonnie Guenthart, Jack Wass, Buck Zimmerman, Ilene Michael McKinney, Vanessa Tresidder Bevel, Pat Bixler Moser, Elliott Bevel, June Johnson, Charlene Bailey McNally, Bob Valeski, Janet Williams Wight, Bea Rhoan Wilsey, Sharon Warren Cearley, Norman Binning (At the picnic but not in the photo were David Radanovich, Dennis "Cap" Smithers)

Class of 1966 50-year reunion   

Class of 1966 50 year reunion: From left to right, Larry Ellison, Susan Merrill-Crandall,
Ben Tedrow, Mike Elliott, Doni Jones-Merrill, Connie McNally-Morris, Jim Wass, Dorothy Melton

  Back row - Mike Carter, Carol Stroming, Jeannine Ditton, Pam Pinkerton, Carolyn Robertson,
Connie Haldeman, Jane Willingham, Karen Lauritzen, Greg Ritter, Richard Ortiz, Jim Hopman,
Jackson Peterson, Craig Sonderman, Mark Long; Front Row - Candy Cain, Cindy Borley,
Dianne Seely, Robin Rader, Christine Carter (kneeling), Shirley Bryant, Rhonda Smalley,
Judy Lundgren, Sue Wass, Tom Allcock, Teresa Rowney

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