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Tell us your story:

It doesn't have to be exciting...just share your memories of attending Mariposa High...whether it's a big game, the long bus ride, or a special teacher, we'd like to hear about it. Also tell us what you're up to now. If you have a business or personal website, we'll be happy to include a link with your listing. And send us a picture (then or now). You can Email your memories or put them on the Feedback page.


Honoring Retired Teachers:

Retired MCHS teacher Julie Davis is spearheading a project to create a perpetual plaque honoring former MCHS teachers. She's looking for the names of teachers who finished their career at Mariposa, after serving there at least 25 years. Contact her at with any names you know of.


A Mini-Reunion:

In February 2003 several members of the classes of 1956 and 1957 converged on Mariposa from near and far: Dan Raby of San Jose, Don Nelson of Bellvue WA, Bob Valeski of Huntington Beach (all '56), and Dick Estel of Fresno ('57).  In addition to conversation and reminiscences, they visited the high school, where they admired the photos of their classes and others, and checked out the many changes in the last 45 years. 

They also drove by some of the houses they used to live in, and sampled several of Mariposa's excellent restaurants. During their stay, they were joined by or visited with a number of classmates who still live in the area - Bev Baker Williams and Elnora Morrisey George ('57), David ('56) and Heidi Sicher Radanovich ('58), Bill Peterson ('60), Evelyn White Koontz ('58), and Dennis "Cap" Smithers ('56). Dennis' wife Barbara, formerly of Fresno; and Dan's wife Jean of San Jose also joined the party.

A highlight of the visit was a chance meeting with former principal Cleo Adelsbach in the drug store. 

Dick, Dan, Don & Bob        Dan, Don, Dick Bob at MCHS

(Back): Cap, Bob, Dick, Dave; (front): Barbara, Don, Dan, Heidi


Another Mini-Reunion:

What started out to be a small gathering of a few classmates at someone's home turned into an ad hoc mini-reunion April 16, 2005 at the fairgrounds. Those attending were mostly from the classes of 1956, 1957 and 1958, with a few scattered others. The major effort to put this together came from Bev Baker Williams, Julie Nixon DeLaMare and Lois Bailey-Shafer (if we've slighted anyone, please let us know).

The gathering was very informal, with everyone providing their own picnic lunch. Lots of friendships were renewed, and some people were seeing each other  for the first time in over 40 years.

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Dick Estel (1957):         Photo        Personal Website        Business Website

Attending the alumni meetings, we hear about the 700 plus students now enrolled. My senior class had about 30 students, and the total enrollment in 1957 was 240. I edited the school newspaper, the Sluice, in my junior and senior years. Our advisor was Harry Allison, who was also my favorite teacher (he also taught Spanish and English and was advisor for the yearbook). We both left Mariposa in 1957, and I had him as a teacher in college where he taught an evening course in French. After working in the county welfare department for 25 years, I retired in April 2002. I spend my time traveling, working (playing) on the computer, and hanging out with my daughters, grandsons and great grandsons.



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