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Read more about the reunion here and even more here: One More Sluice (PDF File)
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More reunion Photos by Linda & Gerry
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Reunion Planning & Set-up
Reunion planning started informally at this ad hoc mini reunion in the spring of 2005 Reunion Planning Committee: Bev Baker Williams, Lee Nixon DeLaMare, Julie Williamson Clarke, Dick Estel, Lois Bailey Shafer The full committee:

Lucy Tiffany Vallero, Julie, Bev, Lois, Lee, Dick

Bev, Lee, Julie, Lois
Julie decorating the tables  What says "Mariposa" more than gold and butterflies 46 plus gift bags, lovingly assembled by Lee Lee gets some help from Casey Franck
Pizza Party
Linda (Barnes) & Gerry Davis Sam and Gail Tutch Francis Jim Hamilton & Lois Bailey Shafer Casey Franck

When we were in high school, many of us had never tasted pizza - now we can't get enough! (Notice the "Go Grizzlies" sign in the upper right of the second photo) (Lois Bailey Shafer photos)

     Senior Pictures               Deceased Classmates    
Northern steps and entry way MCHS, about 1955 Senior Dress-Up Day, 1957
1957 Faculty Pictures (created by Lois Bailey Shafer)
(Click here for identification)
How many times did you walk up these steps? Where's Mr. A's Volkswagen? Senior Dress-Up Day, 1957 (Click here for identification)
8th Grade Graduation Program List of names, 8th grade graduation program
Graduation Program Cover List of names in program  8th Grade Graduation Program (MCHS & Hornitos) List of names, 8th grade graduation program
1956 Junior Senior Prom menu Class of 1957 Graduation Ticket
Hanging in the hall for 50 years (Davis photo) Yosemite 8th Grade: Julie Williamson, Bill Cooper, Judy Sicher, Tom Christensen, Lee Nixon, Bill Tucker Menu, 1956 Junior-Senior Prom Class of 1957 Graduation Ticket
1954 La Mariposa 1955 La Mariposa 1956 La Mariposa 1957 La Mariposa
Senior Pictures 

Click the picture to see a larger version. Click the name to see the reunion party photo 
(if the person was not at the reunion, the name will not be a link)
Thanks to Lois Bailey Shafer, who scanned these pictures from wallet size photos and the yearbook
(We admit that not all of these are senior pictures, but they're the latest we could find)

Loretta Acord Bev Baker Linda Barnes Bevadean Breeding
Tom Christensen Dick Estel Gary Glodrey Rosemarie Gratz
Bryce Green Jim Hamilton Martha James Chucker Jay
Roy was with us only part of the senior year, and we have not been able to obtain a student photo
Diane Jones Frank Leonard Raymond “Toolie” Main Roy Mathews
Lloyd Matlock
Lloyd Matlock Ainslee McDonald Jean Ann Miller Elnora Morrissey
Merle O'Hagan John Peters Rod Poor Beverly Rust
Dotty Smith Dan Tilton Bill Tucker Gail Tutch
Bev Van Gundy Caroline Wenger Anne Westley Marian Westmoreland
Pat Williams Julie Williamson Alfreda Wilson Wayne Wiswall
In memory of our friends who have passed on. You will always be in our hearts.
(These photos range from freshman to senior year)
Barbara Ann Barber Wes Bolton Lloyd Bradshaw
Barbara Ann Barber Lois Bailey Wes Bolton Lloyd Bradshaw
Margaret Carey Clifford Copus Dick Correa
Margaret Carey Bill Cooper Clifford Copus Dick Correa
Bob Curtiss Ed Davis James “Tuck”  Deshaies Casey Franck
Walter Gann Wayne Greeley Royce Haslett
Walter Gann Wayne Greeley Royce Haslett Richard Hulbert
Leroy Johnson Melinda Mason Verlie Monfort
Leroy Johnson Gayle Kelley Melinda Mason Verlie Monfort
Ron Poor Tom Rawlings
Lee Nixon Ron Poor Tom Rawlings Pat Sanchez
Leroy Steele Kent Stoel
Judy Sicher Leroy Steele Kent Stoel Dolly Thomas
Lucy Tiffany Susie Vidano Elaine Wildt Lee Roy Westmoreland

Winnie Wiswall

Kenny Williams Winnie Wiswall       
Photos from 1956 prom - provided courtesy of Dan Tilton (please send Email if you can identify anyone not named)
Eddie Davis & ? Dick Estel & Jamie Curtis Helen Purney Thomas, Al & Elenor Croft, Merritt Thomas ? & Beverly Van Gundy
    Cap Smithers & Dottie Smith Rosemarie Gratz, Pat Sanchez (by door), Jim Byers & Ann Westley, ??    

Reunion Photos by Gerry & Linda Barnes Davis

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Alma Mater

Thanks to the efforts of Bev Baker Williams, the MCHS Beginning Chorus gave us a recording of the Alma Mater to play at our reunion party. This recording is now available on line. Play or Download Alma Mater

Left click to listen; right click to download; click here for help if you have trouble playing or downloading the file.

MCHS Alumni Site More MCHS Photos Read about the reunion here One More Sluice (PDF File)
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Class of  1957 55-year Reunion at Davis Ranch - June 2012

55-Year Reunion Page

Linda Davis and Raymond Main Lee Nixon DeLaMare Wes & Beverly Van Gundy Bowman
Linda Davis and Raymond Main Lee Nixon DeLaMare Wes & Beverly Van Gundy Bowman
Tom DeLaMare and Buck Zimmerman Beverly Rust Hibpschman Alma Rhoan Green & Bryce Green
Tom DeLaMare and Buck Zimmerman Beverly Rust Hibpschman Alma Rhoan Green & Bryce Green
Linda Barnes Davis & Jerry Davis Ed Davis prepares to serve the ribs    
Linda Barnes Davis & Jerry Davis Ed Davis prepares to serve the ribs    
Class of 1957 60-year Reunion at River Rock Inn - June 2017

The Class of 1957 sixty-year reunion was held Friday, June 16, 2017, at the River Rock Inn, Mariposa's oldest motel. It was originally Bagby Cabins, then Sierra View Motel. The owner, Jill Ballinger, provided an excellent catered dinner, and fifteen classmates and assorted spouses enjoyed the evening. Tom Phillips, Mariposa historian and member of the class of 1977, prepared a Power Point presentation showing some of the history of the school, with photos of our class back in the day. All fifteen classmates attended the annual Alumni Picnic at the fairgrounds the next day. For a list of those attending, see the photo at lower left.

Back: Gerry Davis & Wes Bowman; front Linda Barnes Davis, Ann Westley Brew, Bev VanGundy Bowman, Merle O'Hagen Bronson Gerry Davis and Wes Bowman Jim Hamilton
Ann Westley Brew, Merle O'Hagen Bronson Buck Zimmerman, Ed Davis, Ainslee McDonald

Dottie Smith Pingiczer, Linda Barnes Davis, Bev VanGundy Bowman*

Back: Bryce Green, Frank Leonard, Ainslee McDonald, Dick Estel, Ed Davis, Jim Hamilton
Front: Ann Westley Brew, Gail Tutsch Francis, Bev Baker Williams, Lucy Tiffany Zimmerman, Dotty Smith Pingiczer, Linda Barnes Davis, Bev VanGundy Bowman, Merle O’Hagan Bronson, Dolly Thomas Kimbro*
River Rock Inn sign Motel building constructed in 1891; moved to this location
*Photos by Gerry Davis




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